Here’s this week’s presentation¬†Week 3 .Although we didn’t manage to cover all of it the presentation I hope the quotes, information and video links give you some food for thought.

Thanks for taking part in Life Lecture – I’m hoping that¬†more horizontal, web 2.0 classroom stuff will yield more interesting discussion and critical positions.



A great class on Friday – lots of food for thought and some fantastic contributions by students.

Here’s my Rise of Network Society Presentation if you need to recap on anything from week 2. It’s also in UELPlus.

After class on Friday I read an interesting article in the G2 section of the Guardian by Stuart Jeffries It’s all to do with ‘digital fakery’ and was really relevant to our discussions in class. If you want to blog about this subject try using a quote from the article.

Once your blog is up and running please send me your web address. I’ll create a page with a list of all the blogs and then we can start commenting as a network of bloggers!