Bye Bye for now…

Network Cultures 2011 class

So it’s the end of a very successful module. Thanks to a great group of students who worked really hard and grappled with some interesting problems over the past eleven weeks.

The video work produced by the four groups was of a very high standard and asked (and addressed) some interesting and complex questions.

Videos and audio feedback posted below. Please send links to your videos soon! Audio feedback is posted on Soundcloud with links below. You can download your file and keep it on your hard-drive if you wish. You have to pay to do this on WordPress unfortunately.

Group 1 – Declan, Hanna Laura, Marina, Olga

Group 1 – audio feedback

Group 2 – Keira, Mary, Natalia, Rio

Group 2 – audio feedback

Group 3 – Charlotte, Jerome, Julija, Lucja

Group 3 audio feedback

Group 4 – Asean, Chris, Sam

Unfortunately the audio appeared to fail for group 4. Apologies for this. I will ensure that you get written feedback.


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