Notes from week 6

So last class we looked at democracy and the internet and saw how the distributed network model could enable a more progressive if not radical democracy. We also looked at how mainstream politics use the internet and how the digital divide might mean the internet is not as radical as we think.

Good debtates on Wikileaks and the growth of citizen journalism.

So we discussed moving the following few weeks around – please feel free to comment here.

Original timetable was:

  • Old Week 7 – Commerce and copyright
  • New Week 7 – The image in the age of mass digitization and distribution. I will email you all the reading for this tonight as well as put on UELPlus
  • Old Week 8 – The Dark Side
  • New Week 8 – We can either look at commerce and copyright, the changes to the music and film industries or we can continue with ‘The Dark Side’ and look at Hacktivism, Cyber war etc.
  • Old Week 9 – tutorials
  • New Week 9 – tutorials (no change)
  • Old Week 10 – The Future of the Image
  • New Week 10 – Into theory: a look at how the philosophy of Jean Baudriallard and Deleuze and Guatarri have informed scholars of the internet. I will provide reading a week in advance and some of it is already available on UELPlus.
  • Week 11 – present your video, get feedback from your peers and reflect on how you might use the theories and philosophies we have discussed in your practice or your writing.
  • Week 12 – close module. We can watch Catfish. Here’s a Guardian review of it but beware – the review has spoilers!

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